November 28, 2009

Il Muro 20 anni dopo quasi come Dumas

Hans Peter Ditzler takes part at the group exhibition of painting, sculpture, photos, video and installations: "Il Muro 20 anni dopo quasi come Dumas", Lari 8 November - 8 December 2009.

Tree's life. Lajatico

February 20, 2009

Teatro del silenzio 2009 - Lajatico - Installation

Press conference 17-12-2008. Museo Piaggio, Pontedera.

The concert of Andrea Bocelli calls for a special scene design to enhance the setting, to provide food for thought, to decorate the rough-hewn stones of the theatre and to provide something truly memorable not only from an aesthetic viewpoint but for the feelings that will be stirred from the combination of visual and meaning, the whole enhanced by the melodious music...