April 4, 2008


Born in Basle, Switzerland

1958 - 1964
Began training as a graphic designer in Donald Brun's studios and then with professional art classes at the "Gewerbeschule" with M. A. Christ.

1965 - 1967
At the end of his training he visited Italy for the first time going first to Rome and then to Tuscany where he met great masters such as Pomodoro, Cascella, Moore and Noguchi and worked in various sculpture ateliers.

1968 - 1970
On returning to Switzerland he worked as a graphic designer at the GGK (in centres at Basle, Düsseldorf and Milan). In the meantime he carried out private commissions of paintings, sculptures, bronzes and interior design and architecture.

1971 - 1983
He travelled extensively in the Near and Far East. On returning to Switzerland he attended the Basle School for Educationalists where he completed his pedagogic training. He worked as an educationalist at the Basle Youth Welfare Organisation producing cultural and free time programmes.

1984 - 1990
Founder and manager of the SPAG (Active games group) for the Basle Department of Education. Involved in intensive pedagogic work in theatres and public parks and in the development of teaching methods for school children. Collaboration with various European groups involved in pedagogic work. At the same time, working for the Basle City Council, he created a map of the city for children and organised a campaign to increase environmental awareness.

1990 - 2007
1990 saw him taking up a new life in Tuscany where he restored an 18th century villa to its former glory and his creative life was charged with renewed enthusiasm. Many sculptures in marble were produced in this period and his expressive techniques began to change. He added large-scale works in synthetic materials to his repertoire, the first of these being "Segnali elementari", that will become a travelling exhibit, followed by the Madonna with the Child Jesus on display at the Basilica of Assisi and finally the "Via della seta" that will be inaugurated in November 2007 at Pontedera (Pisa).


Hans Peter Ditzler
via Valli 2 Loc. Casciana Alta
56035 Lari (PI) Italy
Tel. +39 335 5710962